D. Allen

One Shot: Inchindown

In february 2019 fellow photographer, Simon Riddell, and I went into the the Inchindown oil tanks. When these tanks were built in 1938 they were apparently the largest underground man-built structures. Each tank measures 237 meters long, 9 meters wide, and 13.5 meters high. Being completely underground with no electricity, that’s one big container of black.

We shot exactly one negative in one of the six tanks, developed it in the service tunnels, and then turned that tunnel into (possibly) the world’s largest darkroom to make a (massive) print from that negative.

To make this project happen, we partnered with The Intrepid Camera co., EMULSIVE.org, 35MMC, Cool Film Club, Ag Photographic, the Sunny 16 Podcast, and Paterson. And, the plan it to release a full-length documentary in the summer of 2019. There are still a lot of costs we have to absorb, so consider helping fund the project on GoFundMe..