About Me

Expired Ideology 1/3 | Copyright © David Allen

After dropping out of College to focus on video production and graphic design, I decided to become a strength coach.  And, after deciding to no longer be a strength coach, I went back to college.  This resulted in a Masters degree in mathematics.  Now—while working as a freelance n’importe quoi—I am working in art photography.

Why I Shoot Film

My doctoral research was in the area of algebraic geometry—a very technical, yet equally abstract, area of mathematics. And, while I taught courses to would-be engineers and physicists, my passion was always for the “pure,” abstract side of mathematics.

Before leaving Colorado (and, thus, my PhD program at Colorado State University) for France, a good friend gave me a film camera. He knew my background in video (and some digital photography) and thought I’d enjoy shooting analog. At the time, the idea was to continue my studies in France so that I could move into the area of Tropical Geometry. For reasons too long to explain, I decided not to continue with the program in Toulouse and was left with a need for a job and a 35mm film camera.

The former was quickly filled by my history in video, graphic design, and writing (and, yes, some math). The film camera, however, quickly grew into a passion. There was a void in my life which mathematics had, until recently, filled, that film photography was beginning to pervade.

With film photography I need to use technical acumen to effect a given aesthetic. And, in many ways, this is not so dissimilar to the technical yet abstract nature of my area of mathematics. And, it is precisely for this reason that I found a love in multiple exposures. Without a screen, I need to visualize in my head my aesthetic (which is often abstract) and use tools to realize that aesthetic.

For me, this has helped me to grow as an artist. The restrictions on the medium have forced me to find creative ways to realize certain photos.  And, while I could create many of these same images digitally, I never would have without those restrictions forcing technical creativity.

Why Art?

I see art as philosophy by other means. And, I believe that the technical should serve only to realize an aesthetic born from a burgeoning philosophy. I would write philosophy, but I like the outdoors too much, so I’ve found other means.