D. Allen
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About Me

About Me

After dropping out of College to focus on video production and graphic design, I decided to become a strength coach.  And, after deciding to no longer be a strength coach, I went back to college.  This resulted in a Masters degree in mathematics.  Now—while working as a freelance writer, graphic designer, and mathematician—I am working in art photography.  

My wife, fortunately, is very supportive.

Currently, we are living in Toulouse, France where my wife teaches English.  Apart from my work, you might find me café loitering, rock climbing, or skiing.  I, in fact, enjoy most caffeine-fueled,  mountain-based activities.

Please feel free to have a look at my site and contact me regarding anything which you find (good or bad), or if you are in need of freelance writing or graphic design work.  And, of course, please also feel free to share anything you like on your favorite social media platform.