D. Allen
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Why Film?

I am often called upon for digital photography by my design clients. And, previously, I had done some wedding magazine photography. It's all Photoshop. Once, Modern Bride magazine (now defunct) demanded that I take 30 pounds off of a model for an entire series of photos we had shot for an upcoming issue. This, of course, took more time than the actual shoot. To me, this is not real photography. While Photoshop is a wonderful tool (one which I still use fairly often), there is something amazing about achieving beautiful results through analog process. 

I love grain. I could wax on the amount of information stored in film and how that compares to digital formats; but that wouldn't really represent why I love film. The grain, the contrast, are things which I have come to love. They can be approximated digitally, yes; but why settle for a facsimile when you can have the genuine article. 

You might notice that I focus a lot on multiple exposure photography. Multiple exposures add greater depth to the analog process and are a welcomed respite from the digital world.

If you are ever curious about what films, cameras, or developers I use don't hesitate to contact me.