D. Allen

Video Production

Here you can find some of the videos which David Allen has produces for various people / organizations.  The videos on this site are completely his work--audio recording / editing, filming, color correction, and editing.

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InstantCard Credential Verification Service

Currently, I am working with instantCard (instantcard.net) on rolling out their new Credential Verification Service.  In the following examples I created all of the graphic content and edited the videos.

Compassion Corps Interview Series

I Produced, filmed, and edited the following videos as a part of an interview series for Compassion Corps:

Compassion Corps is a network of concerned individuals who desire to make a difference for those in need in some of North & West Africa's most difficult places. They are a U.S. non-profit corporation with a staff of volunteers and a growing number of network associates. Produced by David Allen (under the name RedYetiDesigns) for Compassion Corps (compassion-corps.com), with some funding as a gift by Farotech Design (farotech.com).

The Hilarious Magic of Sam Sandler

Also, I used to produce some videos for magician Sam Sandler, which had its benefits.  Ask me sometime to show you a card trick, you won't be disappointed.

Please feel free to visit my full professional YouTube channel.

(I am replacing my old channel, wherein I produced videos under the name "Red Yeti Designs," as it seems I can no longer access it.  Please be patient as I upload more material. Why "Red Yeti Designs," you ask?  Honestly, I have no idea.  We'll blame this on the popularity of "branding," or whatever the kids are discussing on LinkedIn these days.)