D. Allen


Please read the following prose and choose the emoji which best sums your feelings after having read it:

She was no ordinary woman.  Her posts, in a unique sort of insensate mockery of my own lack of self worth, depicted scenes which one could only hope to inject oneself into but once a lifetime.  Yet she, perhaps through reprobate dealings with some ethereal spirit, managed to find herself not only in the foreground of what might be the backdrops to my most hopeful of dreams, but was able to do so every week. 
With each begrudging click of the hand with thumb pointed towards the heavens, the decaying hand of rancor grips tighter my callous heart.  And, while her lips kiss the poor black African child, she looks not at him.  Nay, her eyes, glowing, pierce through the camera lens, into my soul, as if they can sense the insincerity of my click.