D. Allen
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Graphic Design

Graphic design is a wonderful chance for me, David Allen, to use my technical skills and artistic ability.  Raise your hand if you already knew that graphic design software is straight-up gangster calculus.  Really.  Once I solved a really difficult differential equation using vector graphic software.

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Web Design

I will help you develop your website--from overall layout, to specific content. 

The following are some mock-ups of pages.


I like creating infographics--they are a great way for me to combine the technical with the artistic.  I am currently in the process of expanding my infographic portfolio, which means you might get one for free: Have a good idea for an infographic? Tell me about it!  If I make it, I'll credit you in the image.

Book Covers

I will design the cover for your book or story for only $300 This includes a PDF copy, all original files, a copy intended for the web/e-pub, a copy intended for print, AND UNLIMITED REVISIONS (You should love your cover).  Contact me if you're interested, but not quite convinced, and we can hash out the details.  Or, you could just take the plunge and visit my store.

Here are some examples:

Textbooks / Math

I am currently creating the images for an undergraduate text on Hurwitz theory by Renzo Cavalieri and Eric Miles (which has been approved to be published by Cambrdige University Press).  Here are some samples of my math-related work:

User Interface

Additionally, at the moment, I am designing a game for android (in conjunction with another Dave).  Here's a preview (more to come as development progresses):

Basically, it's a game which requires one to know the difference between things like "Chinese" and "Japanese," in addition to a general knowledge of geography.


Of course, I also design logos and help people integrate their branding into their print/web content.  If you'd like to see some humorous logos I've made, Go Here.