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David Allen is a mathematician, graphic artist, writer, personal trainer, and video producer for-hire.  But, honestly, you'll be lucky if he blogs on any of these things.  He'll probably just tell you how his day is going (or how yours should be).

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Infographics & The Millenium Problems

Some of you may have seen my cover-letter-by-way-of-infographic which I made in a bid for a position as a freelance infographic designer.  The truth was, I had no real examples of infographics, although I was sure I could make them.  So, I figured, why not make my cover letter the example.  I didn't get the position, by the way.  Perhaps it was because my only example of such work was, in fact, meta-such-work...

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All Math is Quite Useless [SIC]

I used to hear this and try to explain to the declarer the wonderful uses of math.  I am here today, however, to tell you that that is a load of crap. Wait, no... OK, there are many wonderful uses of math.  None of these, however, are reasons why you should have to study math. 

You should study math because it is important to us culturally.

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An Affinity for Infinity

When I was 18, like most 18 year-olds, I was insecure. Most of my responses to people included the words "I know."  Here's a hint, If most of your responses to people include the words "I know," then you probably aren't letting yourself learn anything and therefore don't know.  At an older age I have learned to suck up my pride.  Sure I am smart, but that means I am smart enough to abuse the resources afforded me.  At 18 I was dumb enough to think I was smart enough to not need those resources.

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