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David Allen is a mathematician, graphic artist, writer, personal trainer, and video producer for-hire.  But, honestly, you'll be lucky if he blogs on any of these things.  He'll probably just tell you how his day is going (or how yours should be).

The Perfect Man Crate for a Stereotypical Mother

Aside from a Y-chromosome, I feel like a pretty stereotypical mother. You know, I have a baby and now I’m all like “I should just slow cook everything.” The problem is that slow cooking is only easier in theory. For, today, as I quelled my baby in one arm and ground whole, fresh spices with mortar and pestle with the other arm, I realized something—I often have to make things as difficult as possible.

Last month some of my film photography was hanging up across the street at Occi’Fast Good. As I was taking down my photos, the guy who works at the camera shop happened to come into the restaurant. As he was looking through my photographs, I mentioned that I was interested in a medium-format camera. He, excitedly, told me of the three medium format cameras they had in the shop. I, perhaps even more excitingly, recounted this to Wini. She observed that I have to make photography as difficult as possible.

This leads me to wonder. Does taking the time to grind all my spices by hand make my food any better? Probably. Is it worth the time it takes? Probably not. Does only shooting on film in full manual make my photos better? Maybe. Is digital much easier? Yes. And, does carving my own pipe make for a better smoking experience? I’m sure it won’t.

Did I not mention carving my own pipe?

My buddy, Mikey (of tree fort fame), gave me a Man Crate when we visited Philly this summer. Basically, it’s a gift basket with everything one needs to make one’s own pipe. From a bench vice to varnish, it’s all there.  The problem now is that I, a man who normally jumps into everything head first with guns blazing, am a little nervous about making the first cut. It’s easier to disregard a failed curry or a bad photograph than a mangled block of briar. But, I’m excited quand même.

Why not be the guy who only smokes from pipes which he has fashioned with his bare hands?