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David Allen is a mathematician, graphic artist, writer, personal trainer, and video producer for-hire.  But, honestly, you'll be lucky if he blogs on any of these things.  He'll probably just tell you how his day is going (or how yours should be).

Variations on a theme

So, you might remember from my last blog post that I wrote some last-minute ad copy for a would-be employer.  Well, apparently it was sufficient, for he responded by asking if I had any examples of website design.  Now, website design is something which I can honestly say I've done a bit of... Unfortunately the whole of that bit was over five years ago.  And, unless archeologists stumble upon Kevin's old computer buried deep within the mantle of Kevin and my former aspirations, I wouldn't know where to even find these examples.  So, apart from any possible designs being outdated, they were also lost. 

But, as was the case with the ad copy, I did not let this stop me.  Instead, I created a mock splash page for a fake website (this time, I made it clear that this was an example made especially for him).  For this, I even came up with a concept called "hype," and designed a quick logo.  The whole ordeal took about one hour from conception to final product, which was quicker than I expected.  Have a look:

Again, my work proved sufficient, for it was once more followed by a request.  He also wanted to know if I had any experience with 3D modeling/animation.  No, I didn't go and dust off my ancient version of Maya (If memory serves, I had worked with version 4... which is old).  But, I did let him know that because of my former experience with such software I was sure I could re-learn it in a reasonable amount of time given a reasonable application for it.

Anyway, I have an interview on Thursday which I am really hyped about.  I'm thinking this would be an excellent company to do work for... and it looks like they might keep me on my toes, which is how I preferred to be kept.