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David Allen is a mathematician, graphic artist, writer, personal trainer, and video producer for-hire.  But, honestly, you'll be lucky if he blogs on any of these things.  He'll probably just tell you how his day is going (or how yours should be).

The Perfect Man Crate for a Stereotypical Mother

Aside from a Y-chromosome, I feel like a pretty stereotypical mother. You know, I have a baby and now I’m all like “I should just slow cook everything.” The problem is that slow cooking is only easier in theory. For, today, as I quelled my baby in one arm and ground whole, fresh spices with mortar and pestle with the other arm, I realized something...

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All for the Milk (C'mon)

The wife and I are both working part time. Instead of one of us staying home, or sending our child to daycare, we take turns watching the baby. So, while Wini works Monday through Wednesday, I strap the baby to my chest with one of them hippy wraps, and hang out in town.

One of my regular stops, of course, is the Florian’s Coffee bike...

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Postence: An Epilogue to My Pretence

Recently, I was accused of loving condescension by a faceless interlocutor on Facebook. (I had written "I fear you misunderstand" to something which, I fear, he had misunderstood.) This, I suppose, comes as particularly funny to me now that I live in another country—one in whose native tongue I often errantly babble things such as "Oh, you cut the eyes. It looks good!", "Can you repeat that strawberry?", and "Yes, '12 Euro,' I said '2 Euro'."  See, I find myself craving people not to whom I may condescend, but those who might divert me with interesting debate or conversation. But, until my French is good enough to speak with well-formed, thought provoking strawberries, I am at a loss.

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Make it 'till you get caught faking it, or whatever

Hey!  It turns out that I'm a freelance everything, everyone!  Amidst training for an elementary algebra content writing position, I have to finish a (possibly reoccurring) gig wherein I write as an expert on prominent artists (In a test assignment I apparently beat out a bunch of people who are actually qualified to do things like, say for instance, write as an expert on prominent artists)...

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Infographics & The Millenium Problems

Some of you may have seen my cover-letter-by-way-of-infographic which I made in a bid for a position as a freelance infographic designer.  The truth was, I had no real examples of infographics, although I was sure I could make them.  So, I figured, why not make my cover letter the example.  I didn't get the position, by the way.  Perhaps it was because my only example of such work was, in fact, meta-such-work...

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