D. Allen


What began as If They're Not Torus, They're Against Us, a webcomic about my life as a grad student, quickly derailed into whatever comic or sketch I happen to think up.  I hope you enjoy what I post here all the same.  Perhaps I will revisit some ITNT,TAU ideas.  For now, I am working on my Literally series in which I choose a tweet, which uses the word literally, and interpret it, well, literally.


When I did well at the National Personal Training Institute, I went to Wini for congratulations.  Instead, she pointed out that I had merely done well at "trainer school," and that I could do better.  

So, I started a PhD in Math.

When I reproduced a Calvin and Hobbes comic for my advisor, said reproduction got 90 likes on Facebook.  Wini, however, pointed out that I had merely copied someone else's work, and that I could make an original comic were I so inclined.  

So, I started this comic strip.

I claim neither competence in math nor in comic making. 



This is Wini.
Isn't she beautiful?

The infamous work of plagiary.