D. Allen


What began as If They're Not Torus, They're Against Us, a webcomic about my life as a grad student, quickly derailed into whatever comic or sketch I happen to think up.  I hope you enjoy what I post here all the same.  Perhaps I will revisit some ITNT,TAU ideas.  For now, I am working on my Literally series in which I choose a tweet, which uses the word literally, and interpret it, well, literally.

Literally: A Kanye in All of Us

I must admit to searching "literally beck kanye" in Twitter to find this week's more topical target of literal interpretation.  Enjoy! (And please share this on your favorite social media platform. There's a "share" button at the bottom... I think.)

For some reason I also feel the need to share the following lyrics from Beck's song "Hell Yes"

Stretched to the limit attention spans
Snap back retract collapse into laugh tracks
Noise response applause and hand claps
Floodgates open to the sound of the rainbow
Breaking points on the verge of pointless
Fools anointed to the followers fanfare
Look for the common not superficial
Code red cola war conformity crisis
Perfunctory idols rewriting their bibles
With magic markers running out of their ink

(Guero, might just possibly be in my all-time, top five albums list.)