D. Allen


What began as If They're Not Torus, They're Against Us, a webcomic about my life as a grad student, quickly derailed into whatever comic or sketch I happen to think up.  I hope you enjoy what I post here all the same.  Perhaps I will revisit some ITNT,TAU ideas.  For now, I am working on my Literally series in which I choose a tweet, which uses the word literally, and interpret it, well, literally.

Why Cats Can't Graduate

My wife and I had come across a doodle I had done of a cat receiving a diploma.  Naturally, this led us both to the question, "why


cats graduate?"  It didn't take very long for us to realize the real reason.  So, we present to you this explanation-by-way-of comic.  Also, you're in luck.  Right now were running a "read one comic, get the same comic by someone else free," that is, my wife decided to produce her own version of our concept.  I must admit, her cat is much cuter.  Also, based on Wini's version, I think I misspelled "Tassel."

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